Stock Investing, The absolute Science of Getting Rich

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경영/경제/자기계발 > 경영
Happy Diamond
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About the Author: Happy Diamond

I majored in Accounting in University. I entered Department of Accounting at the top of the class. In graduate school, I majored in business administration and graduated. I have completed the Future Innovation Program and am an enterprise value evaluator. I have been writing for 20 years, investing in stocks for 25 years, and working for over 30 years. I am a creator who writes and engages in social media activities such as blogs, cafes, forums, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Roblox, and YouTube.



Preface 7
Don't buy on credit. 16
Do not buy receivables. 19
Never buy all at once. 22
I buy it in small portions every day. 23
Don't be greedy 25
Sometimes I trust and wait. 27
The minus of the account is also your own money. 29
Evaluate the enterprise value and invest in stocks of future growth enterprises. 31
Investing in stocks is about sharing the results of enterprise value growth. 34
Rise and fall are always right. 36

Attitude 41
Hits rather than home runs 42
If you earn 1% per day, your annual income will exceed 100%. 44
Sell when it rises above the purchase price and buy when it falls 48
Just like in greenhouse farming, when they are fully grown, they harvest. And plant again. 50
When you buy, you pay 1 won more, and when you sell, you get even 1 less. 54

Stock Selection Principles 57
Invest when future growth is certain. 58
Invest in stocks that grow in size over the long term. 61
We refer to data to discover stocks that dominate the market. 63
I choose the stocks I know of from all over the world. 65
The stock with the app downloaded to my phone is the best stock. 67

Investment mind 69
Even if you pay taxes, you choose to make a profit. 70
When investing abroad, exchange currency in consideration of the exchange rate. 72
When investing, do it with human respect. 75
Use an investment strategy that suits each investment situation. 77

Tactics 81
Rising Storm Tornado Tactics 82

Keep in mind 203
When investing in stocks, you check the stock price and respond to changes in corporate value. 204
When it comes to investing, nothing is 100% certain. 206

Summary 211


도서 정보

This book was written to provide a stepping stone
to become wealthy for many people who do not have a lot of investment and do not have much time,
but who aspire to become rich through stock investing. Part 1, introduced this time,
is a tactic suitable for a time when stock prices are rising.
And we will introduce tactics suitable for the time of stock price decline in Part 2.